The Happy Fam!

The Happy Fam!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Outnumbered #4: Kids and Family Pictures

We make it a priority to get family pictures taken professionally every year. I think it gives our boys a sense of belonging to see themselves in the pictures on the wall. I also love proudly displaying the best shots from a photo shoot, showing the world what a fabulous family I get to take care of!

However, for today's Outnumbered Chronicles installment, here's a behind-the-scenes look at our family and a real photo shoot. Suffice it to say, these are the pictures that didn't make the final cut. Here it is, folks - Outnumbered #4: Kids and Family Pictures!

*Special thanks to Jileisa Warner, our amazing photographer!*

2013 Photo Shoot

Here's the one we showed everyone:

And here are the ones we tried to hide:

Toby reminding Zach to keep his finger out of his nose

Zach tickling Toby and Johnny looking at something shiny

That lip quiver though. Also, is Zach eating a rock?!

May the pacifier rest in the river

The two extremes on the emotional spectrum

2014 Photo Shoot

The one we showed everyone:

The others:

The friendly donkey

"Smile, Toby!"

Aww, brotherly love...kinda

2015 Photo Shoot

Our favorite:

The runners up:

All three boys picking their noses. I wish I could say this was prompted. Sadly, it was not. Apparently we have an epidemic!

Family pictures, you say? I say it's time to pet Zach while he pretends he's a puppy.

"I think my face is frozen like this, guys."

"Oh, can you try to open your eyes a little more next time, Johnny?"

 Nailed it!

"Look guys! Me CWAZY!!"

Look Toby, put your hand up like this!

No, put it on the tree.

Can you put your hand up a little higher?

Everybody SMIIIIILE!!!

And...the piece de resistance.

Happy picture days everyone! And just remember, if your family photo sessions don't always go as planned - just know you're not alone! 

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